More About Me

Having lived in Big Sur for over 10 years, as well as owning homes in rural Salinas and coastal Moss Landing, Jamie is very well versed in the current real estate market from Santa Cruz and Aptos to an expertise deep in Big Sur, throughout Carmel Valley, Carmel, and all the beach communities of the Monterey Bay. Jamie currently resides in Moss Landing, the heart of the Monterey Bay.

A mother of 3 young children and wife to a surfer born and raised in Moss Landing, her roots are deep in the surfing community of Monterey Bay. She spends her free time playing at the beach with her family and dog.

Her passion for real estate and home design was a natural succession from her previous career as a chef and wedding planner. Guiding clients through the selection of a venue and planning the biggest day of their lives, seamlessly translates to what a client needs from a real estate salesperson; someone they can trust, who cares deeply for their every need and concern, who can patiently and meticulously walk them through huge financial and emotional decisions and issues that may arise, in a professional and deeply caring way.

Jamie also practices as an interior designer and has been head design project manager for renovations of several unique homes in Big Sur and Aptos including all aspects of the remodel, art curating, and final staging. As a former professional chef, proper kitchen design comes naturally to her as does multitasking and remaining calm and composed when faced with difficult situations, and navigating various personalities which sometimes happens in real estate transactions.

Jamie is dedicated to diligently providing excellence in customer service and brings extensive business experience to every real estate transaction. Whether it’s challenging markets, special circumstances, or your specific and unique needs, you can be assured Jamie is energetically and wholeheartedly dedicated to effectively achieving your goals.